Dear Families,

Many of you have asked for the lyrics to the graduation songs so that you can sing them at home with your child this week in anticipation of Friday’s graduation. Here they are – enjoy! Martha

Graduation Songs


“This Land is Your Land”


This land is your land

This land is my land.

From California

To the New York island.

From the redwood forest

To the Gulf Stream waters.

This land was made for you and me.


As I was walking

That ribbon of highway

I saw above me

That endless skyway.

I saw below me

That golden valley

This land was made for you and me.



“Make New Friends”


Make new friends

But keep the old.

One is silver

And the other’s gold.


A circle is round

It has no end.

That’s how long

I’m going to be your friend.



“Of All the Things We’ve Learned Here”


Of all the things we’ve learned here

Remember this the best.

Don’t hurt each other

And clean up your mess.


Take a rest everyday

And wash before you eat.

Hold hands, stick together

Look before you cross the street.


And remember the seed

In the little paper cup

First the roots grow down

And the plant grows up.



“Adios Amigos”


Adios amigos

Goodbye my friends

Adios amigos

We will see you once again.