Hi all,

I work wednesday nights and need a sitter from 3-8pm.  But what I really need is someone who can do that on a regular basis and might be available for all the other things that come up (mother-in-law snowed in, can’t make her regular Tuesday pick up, child home from school for 4 days, just a flavor of this week’s chaos.)  Is there a person you can recommend who might work from home or have a flexible schedule who would be willing to work the regular wednesday and look at a school calendar with me, taking on extra days that are holidays or half days, and might be around for that occasional sick day.  This is a tall order but we are in need of help!

We envision some kind of regular pay for the regular hours plus extra, like a retainer, for the gift of prioritizing this kind of availability.


Tanya and Ari (Elias Bear, Zelda Alum)