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Join Meredith, the kids and I at a “Stroller March” highlighting the the need for expanded childcare and better wages for women earning low wages across the country.


Sunday, March 8

12 PM
McDonald’s at 1651 Broadway, Manhattan

This Sunday, March 8, is International Women’s Day, a day aimed at celebrating women’s cultural, social and economic advancements. Yet, working women and mothers in this country continue to fall short of equality in many areas, including employment. Almost two out of three Americans who work in jobs that pay the minimum wage are women. Low-wage jobs like fast food, domestic work, childcare, and retail, are making working mothers choose between putting food on the table, taking their child to a doctor, or paying the utility bill.

That’s why we’re standing with hardworking women and moms and “strolling for justice” this Sunday, March 8th. RSVP today. 
Billion-dollar corporations like McDonalds can afford to pay their employees better  that’s why we are joining the Fight for $15.Women are the majority of workers in low-wage jobs, and these companies need to raise the wage so that working moms can raise the next generation in dignity. This is only the beginning in a series of actions aimed at calling for higher wages and better jobs for all workers in NYC and across the country. 
We can’t win the fight alone — will you join us on Sunday to stand up for hardworking working women and moms who deserve more pay and fair working conditions?
Can’t make it on Sunday? Show your support for hardworking women and mothers bysigning this petition for $15/hour and fair working conditions!