After almost 7 years, both kids are in school full time and it’s time to part ways with our Nanny.  Nodine started 3 months after our oldest (Sam, former Rainbow) was born. Annabelle, our 3 year old, recently started FT in the Bears room and we just can’t keep Nodine on.  So, we’re trying to help find her another family to join.  
Our kids adore Nodine. She’s warm, reliable and values-driven; she’s tidy by nature, which is a plus (though cleaning is not in her current job description), and ably manages the kids. She is incredible with infants and was an amazing resource for us when we had no idea what to do. She has almost 20 years experience caring for other people’s kids, and has references to prove it. 

Please feel free to pass on to your networks and/or call or email me for more info – 917.518.5870 or Or you can call Nodine directly at 347.885.9988