Dear Little Stars Families:

The Little Stars are so enjoying all the Spring activities in their classroom! Have you seen their lima bean plants growing? The children started these plants by wetting a paper towel, placing it in a plastic bag, dropping lima bean seeds into the bag, and then sealing the bag. Over several days the children observed the lima beans sprouting and predicted what was going to happen:

“It’s going to grow.”

“It’s gonna grow into a big, big flower.”

It’s gonna grow higher into a higher, higher leaf.”

“My lima bean gonna turn into a plant.”

After all the beans had sprouted, the teachers had the children plant their beans in their own flower pots (painted by the Little Stars themselves) by pouring scoops of dirt into the pots, placing the sprouted beans on the dirt, covering the beans with more scoops of dirt, and then pouring in a bit of water. It has been so exciting to watch the ¬†bean plants grow. Some planting and spring books that the children have read are “Changes” by Margorie N. Allen with photographs by Shelley Rotner, an engaging and informative book about the changes and growth we see and experience in the natural world (e.g., seeds, trees, animals, and children); and “Flora’s Surprise” by Debi Gliori, about a family planting flowers and vegetables together while little Flora insists on planting a brick instead (with surprising results). The children have also enjoyed some fun spring art activities: painting their flower pots and making “plate flowers” by painting a large and a small paper plate, then gluing the small plate onto the large one and adding a stem. Please take a look at the different plate flowers that emerged (on the wall by the circle area), each with its own personality. The Little Stars also had a bean tasting, with each given 3 cups of beans – one of red kidney beans, one of black beans, and one of green lima beans – and then they picked which they liked the best. They also learned the names of the beans in Spanish: habichuelas coloradas, frijoles negros, and habas verdes.

With the warm spring weather, the children have really been enjoying their Lincoln Playground time: using the slides (on their bottoms only!), climbing the curvy and chain ladders, scampering across the bouncy bridge while taking it slower on the swinging bridge, and just running around and laughing together. And while public schools were off, the Little Stars also used the PS 321 playground, which was a fun and novel place to play outdoors. They have also enjoyed some spring walks, looking at the buds and flowers and all the changes occurring around them.

Finally, the Little Stars continue to enjoy their Spanish times. They have been learning a rain song called “Que llueva,” plus they have been doing a lot of counting to ten. Some counting books they have read include “Numbers” (a wonderful, thick board book) and “Ten Silly Dogs” by Lisa Flather, a delightful countdown book with vivacious illustrations.

Reminder: The Collective will be closed on Thursday, May 8, for a Staff Development Day.