Dear Little Stars Families,

The Little Stars have been having a wonderful time expanding their All About Me curriculum into learning about Families. The International Food Day was a very special family event for the children as they learned about one another’s families’ foods through the stories that parents sent in (Fred read them to the Little Stars at circle) and through the delicious dishes shared at lunch. And did you see the food collage that the children made in honor of our International Food Day, hanging by the sand table? The children have also been discussing families at circle time, recently responding to the question “Who is in your family?”, and are about to embark on a family drawing – stay tuned. Another special event was a visit from Lena’s grandmother (a retired educator from Oklahoma) who read (and generously donated) the book “When Blue Met Egg” by Lindsay Ward. The Little Stars have also learned a new family (and friends) song: “I Wish I Had a Little Red Box to Put My Friends/Family/Teachers In.”

Continuing with All About Me, and especially focusing on the diversity of our Little Stars community, the children have recently read “The Skin You Live In” by Michael Tyler, “It’s Okay to Be Different” by Todd Parr, and “I’m Gonna Like Me” by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell.  All these books celebrate our unique qualities as well as how we all connect.
Purple is our featured color this week with the children making purple play dough yesterday (such fun to watch what happens when the red and blue food colors mix together) and a purple collage later this week. They have also been making purple paintings. Last week they tried a new medium: chalk on blue construction paper (instead of on the sidewalk).
Some final notes:
1) The Little Stars have many look-alike blankets which can get easily mixed up. Can you please label your child’s blankets and sheets to help our teachers out? Thanks.
2) Please be sure to keep an eye on the supply of extra clothes in your child’s cubby – and re-supply as needed. Extra shoes are a help, too, if you have any to keep here at the Collective.