Dear Little Stars Families,

The Family and All About Me curricula are continuing full force in the Little Stars Room! Last week the class read “The Family Book” (by Todd Parr), which discusses and celebrates our different varieties of families. This reading was followed by a discussion of who is in our own families with the Little Stars making drawings of their families with markers. Check out the drawings on the closet doors. The Little Stars also read “Shades of People” (by Shelley Rotner and Sheila M. Kelly), which explores our different skin colors. This reading was followed by the children looking at their hair, skin, and eyes in mirrors, then creating their faces by choosing a face-shaped paper (from an array of skin colors), yarn for hair (again from an array of colors), and eyes, and then gluing the hair and eyes on. Some children also chose to draw in noses and mouths to complete their faces. You can find these faces displayed next to the cozy closet. Aside from making faces, the Little Stars also made footprints by stripping off their shoes and socks, having Monica paint the bottoms of their feet (all the while counting their toes and discussing the sensation of the cool – and tickly – paint as it was applied), and then stepping on paper. These footprints are now arranged in a repeating color pattern leading into the classroom – a welcoming invitation to join in the fun of the Little Stars Room. The Little Stars have also been noticing body parts by singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” together at circle time.

Another recent art activity was making a giant purple collage together using purple objects – ribbon, pom-poms, glitter – and placing them on sticky contact paper. This activity was preceded by a reading of the delightful book “Purple Hair? I Don’t Care” by Dianne Young with pictures by Barbara Hartman.  And with today’s snow, the Little Stars read “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats and talked about the snow they saw on the way to school.

Did you know we have our very own Spanish teacher in the Little Stars? Patricia has been singing Spanish songs with the children and teaching them to count to 10. Today the Little Stars sang “Renato el Pato” about a duck who doesn’t know how to sing but keeps practicing, with the children having great fun quacking away.

The Little Stars teachers plan to do some cooking projects over the next couple weeks, especially of foods that the children have claimed as their favorites. Also, we expect a focus on the different holidays that families celebrate in December. If you would like to come in to read a book about or sing a song of a holiday that your family celebrates during this time of year, please let the teachers know so they can make arrangements with you. We love to learn more about one another and our celebrations.

Some final requests from the teachers:

1) Please use metal or plastic containers in your child’s lunch boxes – never glass as it can break and shatter. Teachers are happy to put lunch foods on paper plates to heat them, if you use a metal container.

2) With the cold weather, it can be cumbersome and time-consuming for our teachers to have to remove layers of clothing (and then put them on again) in order to change diapers and pull-ups that do not have side adhesives. So, if possible, can you please dress your child in diapers or pull-ups that DO have side adhesives? This will help out our teachers immensely!! (And be sure to keep your school supply of diapers and pull-ups well-stocked.)

3)  Speaking of cold weather, please be sure to dress your child in warm clothes for inside and outside – hats, mittens, boots (when needed), warm coats, sweaters, etc. Also, you might want to send in a warmer blanket for nap time to keep your child nice and cozy.

4) The teachers need pine cones for a project they are planning. If you are in the park, please collect some pine cones with your child and bring them on in!

Thanks so much!