Dear Little Stars Families,

May has been a busy and engaging month in the Little Stars with a continued focus on plants and planting.  The lima beans sprouted and grew beautifully, and I hope everyone is continuing to enjoy their plants at home.  The Little Stars also planted grass seeds in a large container and have observed the grass growing higher and higher.  It is now higher than the container walls!  The Little Stars also took a walk to the garden at the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music (corner of Seventh Avenue and Lincoln Place) and observed the plants growing there.  And in celebration of all their planting and springtime, the Little Stars learned the song “The Green Grass Grows All Around.”
The focus on plants has been evident in the Little Stars’ art activities as well.  The Little Stars recently painted a large sheet of paper for a background and colored paper petals with markers for a spring garden display.  The teachers then laminated the petals and gave them to the children to apply to the background.  The children are so happy with their garden – they even make sure that visitors, like Greg (our music teacher), take a look at “what we made.”  On another large paper, the Little Stars used rubber stamps and paint to make flowers, then added ladybugs they created by painting pre-cut ladybug shapes with red paint, letting the paint dry, and applying black paint with their fingertips for the spots.  The Little Stars have also read some wonderful books about spring and planting, including “The Carrot Seed” by Crockett Johnson, “A Tree is Nice” by Janice May Udry with pictures by Marc Simont, and “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter.
The Little Stars had two circle times last week to discuss Joyce’s inability to return to the Little Stars Room this year.  The teachers let the children know that Joyce’s leg is still healing and she needs more time to get better.  The children then made cards for Joyce, drawing pictures and dictating messages for the teachers to write down.  We sent the cards off earlier this week.  And today, the Little Stars called Joyce on the telephone, put her on speaker phone, and had a wonderful group conversation with her.  It was very sweet to see – and hear.
And finally, the teachers so enjoyed talking with you all at last week’s conferences.  Thank you for making the time.  It’s remarkable to see all this growth in the Little Stars!!  What a fun year we are having.
Enjoy the long weekend,
IMPORTANT REMINDER: With warm, sunny weather upon us (though today is an aberration), children need to wear proper footwear for outdoor play to prevent slipping, stubbed toes, etc. Footwear needs to close snugly over the foot, and any sandals must be closed-toe.  Also, no crocs!  And please remember to apply sunscreen in the morning.  Many thanks!!