Hi all,

In order for us to get together and socialize, we’ll be opening up the PSCCC gym for classroom play date/socials on upcoming Saturdays.  Get a chance to chat with fellow parents while your kids enjoy all the pleasures the gym has to offer on a chilly winter afternoon.

The Little Stars play date will be on Saturday, Jan 26th from 3-5 pm.  Siblings are welcome.

Please feel free to bring snacks and/or games to share. Also please note that in deference to the understandable wishes of the staff, the classrooms will not be open for general use, only the gym, and we are entrusted to leave the space EXACTLY as we found it.

Look for dates for adult only get togethers coming soon.  And if you’d like to join the social committee to help us plan more events during the year, please let us know.

Looking forward to seeing you all there,

The Social Committee (Abigail (Clover Bear), Florence (Charlotte Star), Barbara (Calvin Bear) and Marnie (Maeve Rainbow))