Dear PSCCC Families,


The last board meeting of the year is upon us, THIS TUESDAY July 23rd, 6:30PM at the Collective, and it is an open Board meeting that welcomes all families.  The agenda will be posted beforehand, and we will be welcoming new Board members.  Please let us know if you would like to add anything to the agenda.

As Board Chair and co-parent of a former Little Star, now current Bear, it is sadly time for me to move on to being a parent of a kid who actually got into a Kindergarten class in Brooklyn.  The Collective has been my family’s first foray into what it means to raise your child within a small participatory community in a city of 8 million, and we leave with gratitude, and a large chunk of Mateo’s heart marked by his teacher’s love and the Collective spirit.

This school year has ushered in the remarkable creative, intellectual and emotional growth of our children, thanks to the dedicated work and talent of our Co-Directors, teachers, staff, and parent volunteers of the PSCCC.  We have not been without our growing pains, and the Board continues to strive to meet the mission of the Collective and the families it serves, so a sincere thank you to the entire community.


Some additional dates to remember:  This Saturday, July 20th, is the Annual Hello/Farewell Picnic from 11 AM- 2PM at Mount Prospect Lawn.  Next Saturday, July 27th  is the Rainbows Art Gallery Show (get your tickets now in the Rainbows room!).


On behalf of the Board, we look forward to catching up with old friends, and meeting new families in the coming weeks.


Kimberly, Mateo Bear

for the Board