Dear PSCCC families,

I hope the year has started off well for you and your little ones! Welcome back to returning families, and welcome to new families whose children are just joining our wonderful school.

I’m writing you with updates about the PSCCC Board, some upcoming events for the school, and committees.


The PSCCC Board is comprised of our two directors, Manyi and Martha, eight parent volunteers, and one teacher representative.  Your parent Board members are myself as Chair (Eleanor, Bears), Matt Hobby as Treasurer (Lena, Rainbows), Margaret Schwartz as Secretary (Tillie, R), Jess Parsons (Billy, Little Stars), Billie Christie (Joie, LS), Meredith Kolodner (Ciri, B), and Sara Mogulescu (Jerry, R AND Amelia, LS).  And we are very lucky to have Abigail Snyder (Clover, B) joining the Board in the place of Noah Bloom (whose family has just moved to Connecticut, and who we will miss dearly!).

Our soon-to-be-launched new website will have lots of info about the Board, including bios, bylaws, minutes, etc.  Thank you Mila and Joey for your incredible work on the site!  In the meantime if you have any questions about what we do feel free to contact me anytime.


All PSCCC members are invited to attend Board meetings, and our first one will be on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2 at 6:30pm at the school.  Unfortunately, we don’t provide childcare for the board meetings yet, though if there’s a lot of demand we will see about getting some.

On WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24 Martha and teachers are planning a Curriculum Night at the school, where the PSCCC’s pedagogy and curricula will be discussed in greater depth than we normally get to do.  You’ll be hearing more about this, but in the meantime, mark your calendars for an informative evening.

Class Parents are reaching out to all the classes to let you know about some classwide playdates coming up in the next few weeks—hope to see you there!

And please keep your eyes out for notice of the Fall Fest—likely late October as well. . .


We’ve got lots of committees for you to consider joining, and a few we really need some help with.  All work you do for committees counts towards your collective credits.  Some have already started to meet, but it’s never too late to see if help is needed.  I’ve listed them in order of current need:

FALL FEST/SOCIAL:  If you like to plan and partake in social events, we need your help for the Fall Fest.  This is a fun day in the sideyard, with activities and crafts for kids and snacks for us all.  Our class parents are already working at publicizing the event, but we need a couple of parents to really pull it together.  Contact Rainbow class parent Marnie Brady (Maeve, R) if you can help with this—and perhaps think about staying on to work on other social events for the families for the year.

FUNDRAISING: We’re planning another Winter Benefit – just as spectacular as last year!  Event planning, creative fundraising ideas, energy – bring what you can to this great committee.  Everything we raise goes to tuition assistance.  Contact Billie Christie (Joie, LS) and/or Traci Lester (Hailey, B).

FINANCE: We are looking for a couple of people who could join our finance committee.  You will help plan our budget and review our financial systems.  Please contact me, Penny, if you’re interested.

DIVERSITY: This committee is working to support and build diversity within the school.  It is already working on outreach and other activities for the fall—contact Meredith Kolodner (Ciri, B) or Meki Adefris (Lulit, B and Skindo, LS) if you want to know more and join their great efforts.

FACILITIES: Manyi is working with parents to improve the school’s facilities—sideyard, gym, etc.  Please contact Manyi if you’re interested.

GREEN: Susanne Scharping is getting this group off the ground—green products, a garden – contact Susanne (Oliver and Tessa, R) with questions or ideas!

Again, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions.  Looking forward to seeing you at school, or at an upcoming meeting or other gathering.

Wishing you all the best,

Penny, for the Board