Dear Families,

As mentioned in a previous email about celebrating International Food Day (November 21), we are asking that every Collective family prepare a Family Poster with their child. These posters are to be made at home and brought to the Collective by Monday, November 17. To help facilitate this project, we have poster paper (14″ x 22″) available in the office – please stop by and take home a piece.

To make your Family Poster, please fill your poster paper with photos of your child, family members and ancestors, loving notes, memorabilia, images of homeland, images of food, language, flags, and anything you can think of that may reflect on the theme of heritage or family. The approach and interpretation of these posters is very open, and the project is meant to encourage conversation with your child about their family and background. Posters will be due to your child’s teachers on Monday, November 17, and we will be displaying them on International Food Day for you to come in during drop-off and enjoy them with your child – and learn more about all our families here at the Collective.

Thank you for helping us make International Food Day a warm and festive day for everyone.


Tina (Juliette – Rainbow), Martha, and the Diversity Committee

P.S. If your child does not attend the Collective on Fridays, you and your child are very welcome to stop by before 9:30am on November 21st to peruse the display.