Hello PSCCC – We are halfway through the year — a great time to think about your workshift credits!
This is a friendly reminder that, come the end of the school year this summer, you are each responsible to have accrued 18 hours worth of credit work-hours for the Collective. A few notes on this:
1) Please remember to send me (Shai) work hours you have worked if you are not utilizing the cleaning crew workshifts: sj.lauros@gmail.com;
2) If you are on cleaning crews – please be sure to show up on time and stay for the duration of the shift until the crew is done cleaning – this is the only way to get full credit hours for the shift;
3) If you have gotten in very few, or no, work hours, please begin exploring options and making means to do so – 18 hours over the next 6 months will require planning. If you need assistance in making these arrangements, please contact me (Shai): sj.lauros@gmail.com to obtain options, or feel free to meet with Martha directly. WE STILL NEED VOLUNTEERS TO HELP WITH/AT THE GALA, SO THIS COULD BE A GREAT WAY TO EARN SOME WORK CREDITS.
Feel feel to reach out with any questions.
Best regards,