Hi everyone,

Our board meeting is right around the corner, next Tuesday 3/19 6:30PM at the school.  Apologies for the late notice, things have been a little hectic around here preparing for a Gala– we really look forward to meeting new people and catching up with friends!

There are lots of exciting things happening at the Collective that we will be going over, including a re-cap of this Saturday’s festivities.  Plus we have the ever popular Collective Credits on our agenda, so please come join us with ideas!  As always, let us know if you have things you would like to put on the agenda, and come if you can.  Later today the minutes will be posted as a reference.

And last but not least, online bidding ends tonight at midnight!  Thanks again for the overwhelming show of support, hope to see you all tomorrow night 🙂


Kimberly (Mateo Bears)

for the board

Tickets: http://psccc.org/2013-winter-benefit/
Auction: http://psccc.org/2013-silent-auction/