Dear Families,

The annual Collective picnic will take place on Saturday, July 12 (July 13 raindate), from 11am – 2pm, at Mount Prospect Park!! We will have a sign-up sheet posted at the Collective next week, but in the meantime, please start thinking about what you would like to bring and how you could help put this fun and memorable event together.
Also – we need a parent volunteer(s) to help organize the picnic. If you are short Collective credit, this is a great way to earn credit hours. Please contact me if you can volunteer for this very important and necessary job.
Many thanks,
Here’s the list:

Set-Up Crew (10am – 11am) – will need to bring tables and big insulated container of water from the Collective to the park.


Clean-Up Crew (2pm – 3pm) – will need to clean up and return items to the Collective (and, if possible, put them back where they are stored).


Decoration Committee – will need to make a sign to identify “PSCCC,” purchase balloons, etc. for decorations, and set up the decorations.


Sign-Up for Dishes – NO NUTS

Main Courses





Beverages/Juice Boxes/Water




Sign-Up to Bring Games/Toys