The PSCCC Annual Community Survey 2014-2015

Dear Families,

Each year the board asks parents to participate in a school survey. This is a great opportunity to receive vital, community-wide feedback on all aspects of the PSCCC experience. Your voice matters and our goal is to have 100% participation. 
By providing your perspective you can help the Collective to grow in ways that honor your family’s needs- and those of future families. As a cooperative, every parent makes a significant contribution to keeping our program running smoothly. In addition to observing the impact of the Collective on your child’s development, you have further insight as a volunteer in the office, a snack buyer, a cot washer, a gala organizer…the list goes on.
Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts. All feedback, positive, constructive, or critical is extremely helpful. If you have strong feelings about any aspect of the school that you would like the board to address directly we hope you will include your name on your survey so we can reach out to you. However, you are certainly welcome to submit your feedback anonymously.

Once more, your voice matters.

Please complete your survey by MONDAY, JUNE 1st.

With sincere appreciation for your insights,
The Board

Hit the link below to begin:

The PSCCC Annual Community Survey 2014-2015