Dear Families,

Summer is upon us, which means Water Play at PSCCC! Water Play this year will begin on Monday, July 8. Starting on that day, your child will need:
BATHING SUIT: you will need to dress your child for school in a bathing suit or change her/him in the gym when you arrive. Girls typically wear shorts or a dress/skirt with their suit while in school; boys wear a t-shirt or rash guard shirt with theirs.
SUNSCREEN: as always, you will need to apply sunscreen in the morning.
WATER SHOES: your child will need appropriate, snug-fitting water shoes with rubber bottoms and closed-toes. Some typical choices are Keen sandals, Natives, and beach water shoes. Your child is welcome to wear sneakers for water play, but will need another pair of shoes/sandals to change into afterwards.
SMALL TOWEL: your child will need a small towel (approx. 30″ x 15″) for drying off. Please no bath or beach towels as they are too big and cumbersome.
EXTRA CLOTHES: please keep extra dry clothes in the cubby.
SUN HAT OR CAP: a hat is optional, but it can do a lot to screen the sun.
Many thanks,
PS ¬†Remember to clear out your child’s cubby for the July 4th weekend. There will inevitably be dust, etc. during the construction on July 5th, and we want to protect your child’s belongings. Thanks!!