Dear Families,

Do you want/need a job for Collective credit? Do you want our Collective kids to wash their hands with soap and dry them with paper towels? Well, we need another team for our Jetro Supply Runs! This is a very important and much-needed job and will earn you credit for the year! It is also ideal for a couple who can’t come in for Saturday work teams. Are you interested?

We are looking for two able-bodied, weekday-available, car-wheeling parents to venture to the Jetro wholesale warehouse (next to the Hamilton Avenue Home Depot) for monthly supply runs for the school. Supplies are purchased in bulk (including paper towels, soap, toilet paper, etc.) and usually come in large boxes that need to be brought back to the school storage area in the hallway.

If you have a vehicle and are interested in taking on the Jetro challenge, please let us know. Lauren will provide a list of supplies and you get reimbursed asap for making the purchase. Please note that it is helpful if your vehicle is on the larger side and you’re able to carry large items with ease; some of the boxes are large or heavy.

So let us know if you’d be interested in this job for the remaining school year. And remember, it will earn you Collective credit for the year!

Thank you!
Lauren and Martha